19 May 2012

Crisps for dinner: American Pie Reunion

I know, I know, another review of something - don't worry I'm not turning into a critic. I guess it's because me and Mrs. M are finally allowed to, or more likely awake past 9pm as we seem to have a sort of routine with the offspring now, watch stuff on telly and go to the pictures now and again.

Before we had any responsibilities beyond each other and simply turning up for work, we went to quite a lot of things - drinks with friends, sporting events, art galleries and shows and even the odd classical concert. Now and again though we liked to go to Wanchai and drink beer and listen to cover bands - not the height of sophistication but a welcome treat.

Since we've had the kids we have a stricter regimen. Cooked food and a good dinner are the cornerstone of what we do as a family. Last week though the offspring were away for the evening and we had a picnic in the house, a bottle of cava (and a cheapo one at that), crisps and very salty olives. That was dinner - you wouldn't want to do it every night but it was fantastic as a one off.

And so to American Pie reunion. It got fairly hammered by the critics and rightly so - it's asinine, offensive, witless for the most part, predictable, childish and unimaginative. And yet we loved it and laughed like loons along with the rest of the audience. The gag in the credits at the end had me actually crying, so devolved was I after an hour and a half of knob jokes. I can see absolutely why the critics hated it - compared to pretty much any other film it is horrendous - but that's not the point. If you go to a restaurant expecting filet Mignon and get a hot dog you'll be annoyed - but if you want a cheap interlude now and again you'll be happy.

It makes no sense at all if you didn't like the first one, but if you did, go see it - just remember you can't live on that sort of thing. Mind you do remember this is recommended to you by a man who thinks vanity number plates are funny and worthy of their own blog.

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