02 April 2012

Unfinished sentences drive me mad!

Marry? Run for CE? Lose a bit of weight? What is it Harry? What are you going to do?


  1. This is touching on something I've been waiting for you to get to: The nabobs who spend thousands on vanity plates in HK and then spend far more on getting China plates - but can't get them personalized. It must kill them. They must lie awake in bed each night tossing and turning, scheming, planning ... who can they bribe so that China will have vanity plates too?

  2. That is a very well put point - and I would never have gotten there.

    I have actually seen a couple of instances where the HK plate is a copy of the mainland one - but I wasn't quick (witted) enough to grab a photo.

  3. Yes, quite often the number part of the China plate is close to or the same as the number part of the HK plate. I wonder how much they pay for that. Prats!

  4. I've seen some of those as well. I'm surprised they can fit their egos in their cars.


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