04 April 2012

The Burberry effect

A few years ago in the UK, a vitamin deficient underclass was born - the Chav - symbolised and recognised by it's wearing of the Burberry check. Burberry of course just carried on and picked themselves up from what could have been a company ending trend, with a new designer and some inspired management to become the luxury behemoth we see before us.

Nowadays the fashionable, including Dave 'David' Cameron and set, all favour Boden - the oh so understated toff look that reeks of taste and manners but is safe (cheap) enough that you'll never be seen to be spending too much - a curiously English defensive position in appearance, I feel.

But I spy with my cynical little eye - what is this? Hopefully it's just some nugget who likes the brand - because let's face it, what is more chavvy than a personalised number plate? But if not, then this could be the beginning of the end and scrotes up and down the country will be abandoning their 2 piece Sergio Tacchini trackies and gold bangle earrings for brown cords and v-neck sweaters under shooting jackets. Pip Pip.

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