07 March 2012

This is not a political blog

So, Henry Tang might have a love child from when he was a spunky youngster. It turns my stomach – not the thought that he’s had a kid out of wedlock, no I am broader minded than that; not even that he sought to hide it – who can blame youthful indiscretion? No the thing that really makes me want to vomit is that his DNA is roaming about unchecked – that sort of thing needs to be stopped.

When the basement scandal broke I thought – well, at least he’s not keeping several ofhis incestuous kids in there. That probably says more about me than him, but the point was it wasn’t a big scandal really – anyway it’s all been cleared up and he went out in public and said it wasn’t him – it was his wife. He stood there for the world to see and gladly pointed the finger at his missus. And why shouldn’t he blame her in public – that’s the sort of manly, responsible behaviour we want from our officials. The official position seems to be “MY WIFE IS A STUPID COW– please, burn her at the stake and don’t get any fat splashes on my suit”.

And while it involuntarily enacted my gag reflex about every 20 seconds while I read it, even his affairs didn’t really bother me – I mean we now know he’s married to the sort of woman that undermines him (literally) so of course he’s going to get a bit on the side.

The press of course loves this. They dig out the foundations of our wannabe leaders for our titillation and entertainment; oh and to double check whether they have any of the qualities they espouse – like decency and honour. The press aren’t completely blameless – they have a product and we need to see it – we all know the game - but what’s interesting here is that after the first scandal I thought “well the press is on the ball”. After the second I thought “Gosh the press have it in for him” and after the last one I thought “The bloke’s a walking confessional – what’s next”?

Would you really be surprised tomorrow if you saw the headline “Henry Tang sorry for kicking sheep to death” and then a story about how it was only one sheep and it was a long time ago and anyway, his wife had already injured it with her basement excavator and really, it had no bearing on how he would run the place.

It isn’t about basements or kids or affairs, or sheep; it’s about trust. Forget he’s running for this or that – if you saw a friend of yours act like this, how would you feel? If you saw him cheat on his wife and then watched him burn her publically to further his own ends? No one knows what goes on behind closed doors – but Henry, if you run for office, you can bet your overactive balls someone wants to find out.

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