16 March 2012

One thing about the "new ipad" I have noticed....

....is that like the old one, it is a great size to pick up, give a good swing and smash into the head of the smug tools who crap on endlessly about this electric nick-nack. Apparently this one's a bit heavier so you may smash the screen AND loosen a tooth or two - at least knock their stupid hipster glasses off.

And it seems Apple buyers aren't always that smart either. Twats.

Don't get me wrong - I like the ipad - anything that my 2 year old figures out and shuts up for a few minutes over is alright by me. Flipboard is good. And I like some magazines on it. I may even attempt a game of scrabble on it one day. But the way every blog and social media has filled up with ipaddery is driving me nuts - and it's not like moaning about a TV show or a Newspaper because if you don't like that don't read it or watch it - this is like some sort of disease that's eveywhere and it boils my piss that people think this is in some way important or interesting. It doesn't even do anything new does it?

My theory, and it's the only plausible explanation, is that I suspect Apple is just giving everyone else money to rant on about this.

The real question is, therefore, where's my cash?

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