18 February 2012

The park was no better

Every 10 centimetres. What is wrong with us when we need this?


  1. Please note that no fishing is usually blatantly flaunted in any park/public place that has anything resembling a stretch of sea.
    Great blog.

  2. Thanks Emilie - I agree with the rule breakers - we put these clipboard johnnies in charge of the grass cutting and all of a sudden there's no fun allowed if it makes their job harder. Bugger that.

    Yours is a great blog - until now I have only had the excellent Mr. Bijou or occasional Spike photos - now I shall be spoiled.

  3. Glad you like it. I actually have been accumulating quite a collection of ridiculous HK car numberplate photos that I was waiting to make a blog post about. Then I came across your blog and have clearly met the master of the genre!
    I'll check out your two recommendations.

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