19 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

One of the great things about living in Haitch Kay is that we get 2 New Years. One is the moronic 'festival' whereby you feel forced into celebrating the arbitrary turning of the calendar and the other, if you aren't local and therefore press ganged into giving snotty nosed oiks cash and herded to several celebratory family meals, is just a few quiet days where you can do whatever you like. A sort of forced holiday with no commitments, as many shops and business shut, in fact, very zen.

People often ask 'Where you going'? for CNY as if it's predestined. "My dear fellow" (in my mind I am quite haughty when I reply) "..what other time of year can you enjoy such a quiet and peaceful time in Hong Kong? I am not going anywhere!"

It took me many years to realise that HK is the best place to be for CNY. So one resolution made before our great year of the Dragon is to spend more of them at home.

As for the others?

1. Photograph shop windows under the noses of security guards just to see what they do.
2. Declare myself as not in the running to be HKSAR new Chief Executive to be just like my idol, Regina.
3. Become one of Stanley Ho's kids - judging by the last year's shenanigans, a grasping wannabe may well go unnoticed.
4. Go and see a live concert. Last year I only managed one, and that was The Wiggles. ROCK N ROLL!
5. Read a positive minibus story.
6. Try and successfully match the raving Soho restaurant review with the expensive, piss-poor experience I usually end up with.
7. If I divorce my wife I'll get my Dad to help. That should make things fine.
8. Not laugh quite so hard while reading the 'Local Crime' pages of the Ess See Em Pee. On the MTR.
9. Try and understand that traffic doesn't just affect me and screaming at it won't help.
10. Buy a leading football club I haven't got the money for.

If I can manage half of that, it'll be a great year.

Kung Hei Faat Choi.


  1. Just to help you along. For number 5.
    I love and adore mini buses. It is the single practical non- natural ( as in mountains and beaches) thing I miss most about HK.
    I have plenty of positive stories about them, including the driver who let us have a free ride when my sons octopus had run out of credit. It was a guy we'd driven with often before and he could have chucked us out the bus, but he didn't...

  2. Thanks and Tick! One down, nine to go. Hang on I think I have Pansy Ho on the other line.....


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