07 January 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Love Letters

Recently I watched movie where average looking fellas (like me!) get a load of beautiful women throwing themselves at them for no-strings sex (Crazy, Stupid Love if you're interested).

Clearly they are made with married men in mind (we buy movie tickets) but  you have to be careful of these Hollywood premises - life just ain't like that. To balance that out I took a quick visit to Asiaxpat's dating site. I don't know if it's always like this but this has been a very entertaining and educational 10 minutes.

First a few from the "shrinking violets" section:

  • I am a natural HK beauty, I dislike to put on too much make up because I am quite good looking without it.......
  • People usually describe me attractive and funny with some dry sense of humour
  • I do not want any bad experiences into me at all. Please reply with your pics, tel. with your introduction if you are sure that you are not a pig 
  • You are with all fine things for marriage and develop a family; you would like to have our own beautiful baby in the coming future so we can play with him or her....... You can love me. You can do what I need and want with fast and good actions. * You can issue the no limit black cards and expensive membership cards and toys for me; share your net worth.....I hope you do not disappoint me. 
Note: And then I look and there's an ad talking about Crazy Stupid Love - It's FATE - I SHOULD REPLY! These next ones just had me laughing.
  •  Are there really not any well educated Black gentlemen in Hong Kong?
  • I adore masculinity x feminism complex type within a man.... someone who is a bit complicated (challenge) but relaxed... I like the challenge.. cos it is sexy! Looking forward to hearing from you... Catwoman
  • Ar! Right! I do want to be a happy wife! : ) Sorry! Not just a thought. Honestly, I have to find a husband for myself. Are you interested to be a candidate? This absolutely would be a challenge.
  • I'm a 35-year-old Asian woman living and working in HK and looking for a 45-year-old man (born in 1966) who is either divorced or a widower. I guess that's specific enough...

And if that lot doesn't scare you scrambling out of fantasy single living mode and back into the arms of your wife, I don't know what will.

Finally, if you are born in 1966 and fit the bill, I would avoid answering that last ad if I were you - I'm not a murder detective or anything but have seen an awful lot of TV shows and movies start like this, and, they don't often end well.

I am going to have nightmares now.


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