16 November 2011

If I were a trouble maker......

You know those news stories when people pretend to be offended about absolutely nothing? For example, it is often reported* when someone calls a fat person 'large' and makes them buy 2 airline seats and they get all upset because the world of physics dowsn't allow them to squeeze in to a normal regular sized seat**
There was a recent one about the term "Queer Street" that had even Peter Tatchell asking people to calm down.

Well I am thinking about starting some stories based on NOTHING AT ALL.

And with that in mind, with this catch line and as this car is white and everything.....

*Because we LOVE reading that stuff.
** I can only assume that they were planning to travel. If they were just walking down the street when this stewardess comes out of nowhere, calls them fat and makes them buy 2 seats on a plane - well that is just wrong.

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